Cooperation on 'Cossacks XV-XXI cent.' Documents, monographies, maps, illustrations
История казачества

Cossacks XV-XXI cent.

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Книги для чтения

Казаки: традиции,
обычаи, культура

Казаки: традиции, обычаи, культура

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Dear sirs!

The Purpose of the section: introduce the broad readership with material on histories cossacks, sent from different countries. The Authors of the site can not separate the standpoint of the authors publication. For validity fact answer the authors a material.

We offer the wide choice of the possibilities for cooperation:
- a publication and exchange material;
- an accomodation to information on author;
- a participation in forum;
- an accomodation of the mutual references;

We shall pleased sent material, which will are published on our project.

We Invite to cooperation specialist and persons, who actively work in the field of histories cossacks.

Tax application for participation you may to E-mail:

The Language of the contact on put ukrainian, russian, english.

Use material and illustration of the site for publication possible with copyright owner permits only.


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