Semirechensk Cossack Host

Semirechensk Cossack Host

irregular Cossack Host

Brief historical background

Formed in 1867 from the 9th and 10th regiments of the Siberian Cossack districts.

Housed in Semirechye region (now - means of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan) with the center in Verny (Alma-Ata).

The main objectives of the Semirechye Cossacks were: eastern border defense Turkestan, to carry the patrol and security services, performance of some police functions.
The order of service of the Cossacks was determined Regulations on Military Service Cossack troops Semirechensk 1879.
Semirechenskaya Cossack troops under the general management of the Cossack troops, which directs a commander Semirechye region (also known as ataman), a slave from 1899 Turkestan governor-general.
Cossack village Semirechensk headed stanitsa atamans subordinate ataman.
In the early 20th century. Semirechye Cossack army in peacetime exhibited a cavalry regiment chetyrehsotennogo ended in war - 3 cavalry regiments and chetyrehsotennogo of 12 individual hundreds. Cossack population (in 1916 about 45 thousand people.) Located in 19 villages and 15 settlements, owned large landed estates (744 ha).
Semirechenskaya Cossack army participated in the conquest of Central Asia (in Gulja 1871, Khiva in 1873, Kokand in 1875 and 1876 campaigns). Shelves three queues Semirechye Cossack troops were mobilized to participate in the 1st World War. At the January 1917 military service from 6107 Cossacks in military service consisted of 4167 people.
A large part of the Cossacks during the Russian Civil War fought on both the White movement, and on the side of Soviet power.
In April 1920, after the victory of Soviet power in the Seven Rivers, Semirechenskaya Cossack army was abolished. Remains Semirechensk Cossacks went to western China.

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