REQUESTS-QUESTIONS 'Cossacks XV-XXI cent.' Documents, monographies, maps, illustrations
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Cossacks XV-XXI cent.

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Казаки: традиции,
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Казаки: традиции, обычаи, культура

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Ladies and gentlemen!

We will be glad to consider your questions, suggestions and requests on participating in a project "The Cossacks of 15-21 cent.".

Utillize the form of feed-back for questions.


For filing of an application you must give information in any text format or *pdf :

- resume;
- list of the published works;
- articles, materials, you can send publications in any text format or *pdf
on the address of administrator of resource of

(after consideration of the got materials, they will be placed in the proper sections of project: "Our authors", "Articles and reports" and other, about what we necessarily will notify you by mail).

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